Rabbit Memorials Head Stones and Plaques

Our rabbit memorial plaques will allow you and your family to have a nice remembrance while suiting the rest of your garden and home style.


Slate, Sandstone and Marble
Slate and Yorkshire Stone
  • Pet Rabbit Memorial
  • Rabbit Memorial Stone
  • Rabbit stone grave marker
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Detailed Description

We offer many different sizes of rabbit memorials as well as various memorial stone types, which are ideal for resting any rabbit. Generally most of our pet rabbit customers will order memorial plaques due to the nice size they offer as well them being more affordable than the upright standing types. The different types of Rabbit Memorials we sell:

  • Regular Edged Slate
  • Regular Edged Marble
  • Regular Edged Sandstone
  • Irregular Slate Plaque
  • Irregular Sandstone Plaque
  • Upright Irregular Slate
  • Upright Irregular Yorkshire

Compassionate Service

Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in the UK and many other countries, many first time pet owners of rabbits are unaware that rabbits can live for over a decade and give back lots of love to all the family.

Many people would believe that a rabbit is just a rabbit, but until you actually own one or more and especially if it’s an indoor rabbit it is only then you actually relies the love they have for their owners, they can quickly become our best friends and when they pass it only makes sense they have some kind of rabbit memorial to be remembered.

Over the past 15 years we have seen an increase of customers purchasing memorials for their rabbits that’s why we believe that rabbits like dogs and cats deserve their very own memorial page here at Pet Memorials.

How to Purchase a Rabbit Memorial/Remembrance

It’s not easy setting up a website which sells memorial stones for rabbits and other pets, but we hope that you find our design as easily as possible.

There are several ways you can purchase from us, the more obvious one would be that you can ring us and talk to us over the phone and we would be more than happy to assist, the easiest option would to be use the buy it now buttons and we will do the rest, however you may want your own personal touch on the memorial or more of a complex design we offer by default, if this is the case you can use our powerful design and purchase tool which allows our customers to use dozens of preloaded fonts as well as images, or if you prefer you can use your own images.

Please note: All purchases are subject to a mock up, we do not start the engraving process until you are satisfied how your rabbit memorial stone or plaque will look like.

Simple Memorial Designs - Buy it now

Just need a simple plaque or headstone for your rabbit? No problem, please use the buy now buttons found below and tell us the personal message you would like for your pet rabbit, if you require a more complex design then please use the design and purchase button found just to the right.

Need Some Help?

Sometimes our customers prefer not to purchase online this is absolutely fine, if for one reason or another you would prefer to make payment over the telephone then please give us a ring on 0844 811 1373, if you have a question then please do check our FAQ page out first as you may find an answer there or simply use our contact us page and we will get in touch as soon as possible.