Cookies Information

So you might have heard about the internet cookies but what are they exactly? Cookies are tiny weeny little files that are stored on your computer whenever you visit most websites. At Pet Memorials we use cookies to improve the experience of our website for all our site visitors. It’s important to mention that our cookies do not harm your computer nor do they store any personal data about yourself.

Recent Cookie Legislation

Due to recent legislation it is important that we are completely open and honest how our site uses cookies on your computer.

The way Pet Memorials uses Cookies

The cookies that Pet Memorials uses on its site does not store any personal information such as names, addresses and of course payment details. Our cookies records users behaviors to help identify sections of our website we can improve on, for example how many visitors visited this page and that page and how long they were reading the page before they clicked the next page. For example if we have 2 pages labeled Page A and Page B, and If customers stay for over 10mins on Page A but only 30secs on Page B we can easily identify this as being an issue therefor we can address the issue on Page B and help improve our site so that your experience is improved greatly.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that allows Pet Memorials to track the use of our website by its site visitors’ none of the data can be used to personally identify you.

utma This cookie counts how many times the visitor has visited, when they first and when they last visited our website.
utmb The exact moment in which a visitor first vists our site at
utmc The exact moment in which a visitor last left
utmv Stores information used within Analytics to identify user as part of a custom segmentation.
utmz This tracks where the visitor came from, what search engine they used, what link was clicked on, what keyword they used to find our site, and where in the world they are when they accessed the website from.

Social Networking Cookies

You may have cookies stored on your computer from some kind of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter when you “share” content with friends, please note that we do not control the settings of these sites, so if you have a certain with the way Facebook or Twitter use your cookie information then please check the specific site for more information.