Horse Memorial Head Stones and Plaques

We have various sizes as well as many different memorial stone types, which are perfect for any horse memorial garden remembrance area.


Slate, Sandstone and Marble
Slate and Yorkshire Stone
  • remembrance for katie
  • upright mable memorial
  • max the family horse
  • upright slate memorial for peter the racing horse
  • sandstone memorial for cleopatra with love message
  • custom horse memorial with images engraved
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Detailed Description

Big memorial plaques and memorial headstones are the most popular choice by our customers for horse memorials, in the event you simply don’t have the budget due to heavy vet charges or any other reason then please take a look at our smaller memorial stones and plaques which are just as ideal. The Remembrance/Memorial Head Stones and Plaques we provide:

  • Regular Edged Slate
  • Regular Edged Marble
  • Regular Edged Sandstone
  • Irregular Slate
  • Irregular Sandstone Plaque
  • Upright Irregular Slate
  • Upright Irregular Yorkshire

Compassionate Service

It’s never easy losing a beloved animal especially when it’s a Horse; we at pet memorials are all animal lovers ourselves and know exactly how hard it is when an animal becomes a part of the family and then passes away.

We believe whenever an animal touches our hearts it deserves the burial and remembrance just as you would expect with any passing family member. If you are in the planning stages of an ill or aged horse or perhaps maybe you have been saddened with a horse unexpectedly passing then we at Pet Memorials have the experience, compassion and professionalism to make these things that little bit easier for you and family.

How to Purchase a Horse Memorial

Ordering a memorial for your horse could not be any easier, should you just want a simple sandstone or slate stone with a personal engraved message then please use the buy now buttons found directly below, or if you happen to want a headstone or plaque which is a little more bespoke and custom for your horse, then you can use our superb online Design and Purchase Tool.

Custom Horse Memorials

Our online memorial design tool allows our customers to make the designing process easier than ever before, Our tool allows our customers to design their very own remembrance stone exactly the way they would like. Our tool has a massive collection of preloaded fonts as well as many clipart images to choose from, but what’s more’ if you want to use your own images then you can by using the upload button within the tool itself. We hope that this makes purchasing a horse memorial from us easier for all our customers but should you get stuck or confused with the design tool then simply ‘contact us’ and we will be more than happy to assist.

The Process of making your Horse Memorial Stone or Plaque

Once we have confirmed payment and your design we will then make a mockup of your design, once we are satisfied with the mockup we will send you it to ensure that this meets your requirements, once you agree we will start the engraving process and send out the order as quickly as possible. We aim to deliver all remembrances stones within 10 working days; also it’s worth mentioning that all orders within the mainland of the United Kingdom automatically receive free delivery!

Need Some Help?

We have tried to make purchasing a horse memorial as easy as possible for our customers, though sometimes we do have people experience problems when ordering. In the event you are having problems or even if you have a question then please do get in touch, give our professional and compassionate team a call on 0844 811 1373.