10 Natural Dog Health Tips

You love your dog with all your heart. He makes you laugh, comforts you when you are down, and loves you unconditionally every day, no matter how you feel about yourself. So of course you want to do all you can every day, to keep your dog healthy so he can have a long and happy life. There are actually many little natural dog health tips for helping your dog stay well and thrive that are simple and easy to use on a daily basis.

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35 Poisonous Substances and Foods for Dogs

Our pets live with us in what is for them a potentially risky environment. It is essential for their safety, perhaps even their lives, that owners have a clear understanding of poisonous foods and substances for dogs. They are exposed to much in living with us that their bodies and nervous systems were never designed to tolerate. Too many dog owners have learned a painful lesson that a human home can be a dangerous place for a pet.

Nyan Cat Memorial

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Nyan Cat Pet Memorials

I took a phone call from a customer a couple of weeks ago, asking me if we could make a pet memorial from Nyan Cat. I said: “Sorry to hear that you have lost your pet, how old was he?” The customer replied and said: “You obviously have never heard of the internet meme “Nyan Cat”!” Um, nope.

Nyan Cat Memorial

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