You love your dog with all your heart. He makes you laugh, comforts you when you are down, and loves you unconditionally every day, no matter how you feel about yourself. So of course you want to do all you can every day, to keep your dog healthy so he can have a long and happy life. There are actually many little natural dog health tips for helping your dog stay well and thrive that are simple and easy to use on a daily basis.

10 Little Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy

1. Take your dog on a walk. Walking is probably the single most important activity your dog can have. Start slowly if your dog is de-conditioned. Walking increases his trust of you, and helps him to know you are boss. Soon he will be more confident and responsive to you all the time. And you will benefit too!

2. Brush her teeth daily. Your dog's clean teeth are just as important to her health as yours are to you. Get a baby or a specially made dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste from your vet or from a pet supply store. Never use human toothpaste. Be very, very patient if you are just starting. Gently rub her lips to accustom her to being touched on the mouth, then move to the gums, and eventually add dot of toothpaste. Then slowly introduce the toothbrush.

3. Carrots for treats. Carrots are so fibrous that they help to remove tartar and bacteria, and stimulate gums. Make them a reward and soon they will be crunching joyfully away.

4. Learn Food No-Nos For Dogs - Many human foods are toxic to dogs. Do some research and be sure you never expose your dogs to these toxins. For instance, chocolate is one, as are onions.

5. Learn About Toxic Plants - Some house plants and garden ornamentals are very dangerous if your dog eats them. Research online and remove toxic plants from your dog's environment to be sure you are not exposing him to any that can make him ill.

6. Fresh Water - As much of a no-brainer as that sounds, be sure he has plenty of fresh water. Break him of drinking from the toilet because it can accidentally have cleaning chemicals in it.

7. Healthy Fruit and Veggie Treats - Dry fresh fruit and vegetables in your dehydrator and bag up them for quick snacks or rewards. They love these! NO raisins, grapes, or onions, which are toxic, or potatoes which are hard to digest.

8. Dog-Proof Your Garden - Close and secure all possible exits from your home are garden. Make sure when she is outside she cannot get out. Nothing is more heart breaking that losing a dog to wandering, theft, or worse, being hit by a car.

9. Dog-proof your home - Go through your living space just like you would for a child, and remove hazards. Some dogs chew electric wires. Anti-freeze tastes sweet and is deadly.

10. Play With Your Dog - Play time builds emotional health for both of you, and exercises your dog. And after all, this is why we love our dogs so much, because they bring such joy to our lives.

Show your love for your dog, and use these natural dog health tips to ensure your precious pet has the longest, highest quality life possible.