Memorial Stone Types

There are many different types of memorial stones here at Pet Memorials we offer Sandstone and Slate Memorials because we find these offer the best quality and long-life which all memorials should offer.

We sell:

  • Sandstone Regular Plaques
  • Sandstone Irregular Plaques
  • Slate Irregular Plaques
  • Slate Regular Plaques
  • Marble Regular Plaques
  • Slate Upright Headstones
  • Yorkshire Upright Headstones

A more detailed look at each of these types can be found below.

Sandstone Regular Plaque

Great for all pets and animals and look great in any type of garden.

Sandstone Regular Plaque Memorial

Sandstone Irregular Plaques

Irregular Memorial Plaques offer more of a natural look, these are absolutely superb for all pets and garden memorials.

Sandstone Irregular Plaque

Slate Irregular Plaques

Completely natural looking and great for all Remembrance’s.

Slate Irregular Plaque

Slate Regular Plaques

Really clean looking and will be great for any pets and animals you have.

Slate Irregular Memorial Plaque

Freestanding Irregular Headstones

Generally popular for bigger sized pets and animals but can really be used for any, these are absolutely fanstatic and great for all memorial areas and Remembrance’s you may want.

Freestanding Irregular Headstones